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Tarantino & Comix

On Friday, the Daily Texan is running a bunch of Valentines drawn by us comic staffers instead of the usual color comics.

Mine reads "Love you more than a film major loves Quentin Tarantino!"

Hilarious! But, I need some help: I planned to feature 4 characters from his movies on the valentine with respective famous lines they say twisted to be February 14th-y

Unfortunately, all I got down is Jules from Pulp Fiction saying “The language of love motherfucker, DO YOU SPEAK IT?!”

I couldn’t think of any others I could twist, so so far the other 3 spaces are just Beatrix Kiddo next to “You’re not a bad person. You’re a terrific person. You’re my favorite person” (I know it’s Bill that says it, but cut me some slack, at least it’s used to describe her) and a sketch of Col. Hans Landa saying “That’s a Bingo!” (okay, even bigger stretch, but who passes up an¬†opportunity¬†to have Christoph Waltz fan art published?). And the third space is completely blank.

If anyone has any ideas on what else I could include??? I’d really like to have four characters total (they’re drawn in the corners, the message takes up the middle part), and I aimed for characters from four different films, but go ahead and use P.F. or the Kill Bills or I.B. if your idea is really good. (I was thinking somehow Mr. Blonde and his “bark all day” line could be used maybe??)


Please and thank you!! Together we can defeat writer’s block!…artist’s block?

UPDATE: I finished it! It printed this morning and it looks great! Stay tuned for an upload of the picture!